Wine Country Vision 2020 Survey

In realizing the Wine Country vision, the community has rated the importance of each of these items:

  1. Promoting the community's identity as a wine-producing region of California
  2. Promoting the planned growth of Wine Country where:
    1. Agricultural, equestrian and residential lifestyles are protected
    2. Crops that are harmful to grape-growing are limited
    3. Residential subdivisions are restricted
    4. Resort destinations are encouraged
    5. Boundary of wine country is redefined
    6. Incidental commercial uses, other than wineries, are further restricted
    7. Transportation network is enhanced
    8. Sidewalks, streetlights & trails are developed
    9. Parking requirements are reassessed
    10. Road names are changed to promote its heritage
    11. Sanitary sewer service is provided
  3. Attracting visitors and tourism to the area.
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