Wine Country Community Plan

Many world-class wineries and equestrian centers have made the Temecula Valley Wine Country one of the Southern California’s top tourist destinations. These wineries and equestrian centers, in turn provide continual economic benefits to the surrounding businesses and to the county. To preserve the area’s distinct rural character, as well as its economic longevity, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors (BOS) has directed staff to develop the Temecula Valley Wine Country Community Plan.

The Temecula Valley Wine Country Community Plan will present policies for preserving, enhancing or developing this area in a manner compatible with the values, resources, and aspirations of the community. This plan will be developed with citizen input, and is intended to reflect the community’s needs and desires. The development of this Wine Country Community Plan is anticipated to span over the next couple of years through the following phases:

Phase I: Wine Country Vision 2020: County staff has partnered with the Wine Country Advisory Group in refining the vision for the Temecula Valley Wine Country. Wine Country Vision 2020 Survey was conducted to solicit comments from the Wine Country stakeholders regarding this unique community’s future. To further solicit public input, a town hall meeting is scheduled for September 17th, 2009

Phase II: Community Plan Proposal: After considering the Wine Country Vision 2020 Survey results and the BOS directive, County staff will develop a proposal for the Community Plan. The community plan may involve:

  • An amendment to the Citrus Vineyard Policy Area and Circulation Element network of the Southwest Area Plan of the Riverside County General Plan;
  • An amendment to Citrus Vineyard (C/V) and Commercial – Citrus Vineyard (C-C/V) zones of the County Zoning Ordinance (348);
  • An amendment to the Citrus Vineyard Design Guidelines;
  • Technical studies for this region including, but not limited to, a Traffic Study and Spatial Analysis;
  • Collaboration with the service providers for a complete Infrastructure Needs Assessment of this community and necessary refinements to the Infrastructure Master Plans.
  • Establishment of a Road and Bridge Benefit District, Community Facilities District, and/or other funding mechanisms to help fund improvements;
  • Creation of marketing opportunities for this area; facilitation of on-going community outreach incentives; and formation of partnerships with key stakeholders to pool resources for funding, infrastructure enhancement, and economic development activities. To further solicit public comments on staff proposal, a town hall meeting will be conducted in the near future.

Phase III: Environmental Assessment: During this phase, a Notice of Preparation (NOP) will be issued for an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the community plan proposal pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). A public scoping meeting will be conducted in January of 2010 to discuss foreseeable environmental impacts of the community plan proposal. Necessary technical studies will be conducted (including traffic study and infrastructure needs assessment) to analyze the impacts of this proposal. Eventually, a draft EIR will be developed.

Phase IV: Hearing and Adoption: A Notice of Completion (NOC) will be issued for the draft EIR along with the draft Community Plan documents. Interested parties/stakeholders will be able to provide written comments on the draft EIR. From those comments, a final EIR will be developed. A series of public hearing meetings will be conducted during this phase to present, discuss, and receive recommendations, from the community, Planning Commission as well as Board of Supervisors on the draft documents. After the Board adoption of the Community Plan, staff will prepare final community plan documents and file a Notice of Determination for the EIR.

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