Directly south of the current Citrus Vineyard policy area lays Valle De Los Caballos(VDC), Valley of the Horses. It comprises about 2,830 acres of large estate lots with custom home sites with a mixture of both existing and new luxury homes and both large commercial horse ranches and small independent ranches. The landscape consist of local roads mostly unpaved. Even on paved roads absent are the streetlights, sidewalk, curbs and gutters. Instead the property owners enjoy a rural lifestyle, horseback riding trials, stables and other equestrian services and amenities. It is with much pride in their ranches and horses that some of the equestrian facilities hold national and international competition events. Much of this is beautifully tucked away in the various niches of VDC while many of the large equestrian establishments are strung out along De Portola Road. This picturesque equestrian area is easily woven into Wine Country as it offers a charm, activity and amenity that enhances the draw for Wine Country. Several of the wineries exist in or adjacent to VDC offer hitching post for riders that want to come in off the trail to wine taste or just to take a break.

The proposed community plans will lay a foundation that will preserve the equestrian and rural land uses and allow for the co-existence with wineries and other events in the Temecula Southern California Wine Country. Please go to the Planning Page to view maps, study area boundaries and planning documents related to VDC.

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