Wine Country Circulation Element

The current Circulation Element was adopted on October,07, 2003. It is part of the countywide circulation element. The County is currently reviewing the element for needed changes that are specific to the Riverside County Wine Country Community Plan. Questions regarding the circulation network can be directed to Farah Khorashadi. Please see the contact us page for her contact info.

Trails Network

The County of Riverside contains multi-purpose trails that accommodate hikers, bicyclists, and equestrian users as an integral part of the County's circulation system. These facilities serve both as a means of connecting the unique communities and activity centers throughout the County and as a means of facilitating modes of transportation with limited emission of air pollutants and GHGs. Within the Southwest Area Plan (SWAP), a network of trails is planned for the Wine Country region to provide pedestrians, visitors, equestrians, and bicyclists with alternative modes of travel and while providing attractive recreational opportunities. However, it does not connect all the existing wineries and other tourist destinations, such as Lake Skinner and Vail Lake, through equestrian and multi-purpose trails system. A Trails Sub-committee worked with the County Regional Parks and Open Space District and Planning Staff in the development of a trails network that is more conducive to this region's destination places and users' needs.

Roundabouts Along Rancho California Road

The proposed roundabout at the intersection of Rancho California Road and Anza Road will serve the growing Wine Country area of Temecula Valley.  This roundabout will allow vehicular, equestrian, bicycle and pedestrian traffic to interact through the intersection more efficiently and safely while keeping its natural wine county landscape. 

The roundabout will accommodate the estimated 15,600 of daily vehicular traffic and a peak hour vehicular traffic of over 2100. 

In the vicinity of the project, a multipurpose trail will be constructed on the north side of Rancho California Road.  Bike trails will be constructed on the south side of Rancho California and on the east side of Anza Road

The roundabout at Rancho California Road and Anza Road will be the first of five roundabouts that are being proposed for the Wine County area.  Roundabouts are also proposed along Rancho California Road at La Serena Way, Calle Contento, Monte De Oro Road and Glenoaks Road. 

The roundabout at Rancho California Road and Anza Road is expected to start construction in January 2012.

Anza Roundabout Project

Contractor Mamco Construction
Construction Start Mid-February 2012
Construction Completion Late May-2012
Work Hours Sunday – Saturday 6 AM – 8 PM
Project Helpline (877) 221-1472

Project Improvements

  • Reconfigure the intersection of Rancho California Road at Anza Road to accommodate a two-lane roundabout.
  • Landscaping installation in the center island of the roundabout.
  • Construct the splitter islands of the roundabout with colored stamped concrete.
  • Construct a Water Quality Basin along Anza Road north of Rancho California Road.
  • Construct an Equestrian Crossing on Rancho California Road east of Anza Road.
  • Add safety street lighting at intersection of Rancho California Road and Anza Road.
Streetscape Design Guidelines

One of the key components of the Wine Country Community Plan is the review and revision of the existing Design Guidelines. The purpose of the Temecula Valley Wine Country Design Guidelines is to reflect the Wine Country's vision and to guide the property owners, winery owners, County planners and decision-makers toward accomplishing the vision. The Wine Country Community Plan Streetscapes Design Guidelines was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on December 14, 2010. This phase of the Wine Country Design Guidelines is limited to streetscapes design guidance and signage program for the Rancho California Road and De Portola Road.

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